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Green Cardamom Pods Spice (Hari Elachi) 3.5oz (100g) ~ All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Friendly, NON-GMO | 3.5oz (100g)

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Discover why our Green Cardamom is a must-have in your kitchen:

The herbaceous, perennial plant in the ginger family commonly known as green or true cardamom has the botanical name Elettaria cardamomum.
  • Green Cardamom is native to the forest of South India, where it grows wild
  • It is one of the world's most expensive spices, second only to saffron in value
  • Green cardamom can enhance both sweet and savory dishes
  • It has been an important ingredient in Indian cuisine for thousands of years, from sumptuous curries to masala chai
  • Green cardamom is also a key ingredient in many ayurvedic medicines and herbal mixes.


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