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Rosemary Scalp Treatment

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✓ Sparks faster, healthier hair growth.

✓ Feeds and energizes scalp and roots.

✓ Moisturizes for the ultimate hair foundation.

✓ Anchors hair firmly in place.

✓ Shields hair and scalp from harm.

✓ Battles DHT to curb hair loss.

Our Rosemary Scalp Treatment is a magic mix for your hair! It has more than 30+ super ingredients that help your hair grow strong and happy. No extras, just good stuff for your hair!

  • Rosemary Magic: For a long, long time, people have used rosemary to make hair thick and strong. It's like a superhero for your scalp, making sure your hair gets all it needs to grow and stay healthy. We've added it in two special ways: as a powerful extract and as an oil to double the goodness.
  • Castor Seed Power: This is not just any oil; it's packed with Vitamin E and goodies that make your hair thick and shiny. It also keeps your scalp happy and balanced, which means more beautiful hair for you!
  • Bhringaraj, the Hair King: From ancient times, this cool herb has been used to keep hair from getting grey too soon and to stop it from falling out. It makes your hair look full and lively. We've also mixed in other ancient herbs to keep your hair looking amazing.
  • Green Tea Boost: Yes, green tea is not just for drinking! It has special ingredients that wake up your hair follicles, making your hair grow better and stay strong. It's like a wake-up call for your scalp!

We mixed all these magical ingredients to make sure your hair gets all it needs to be its best. Trust us; your hair is going to love it!

DHT is like a super glue for hair that sometimes sticks too much, making hair weak. But, don't worry! Our special ingredients can help tell DHT to take it easy, letting your hair grow strong and healthy.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil: This is like a superhero for hair! It fights off a bad guy called DHT, which can make hair thin. By blocking DHT, pumpkin seed oil helps more hairs stick around and get the food they need to grow.
  • Onion Oil: Effective against DHT by enhancing circulation to your hair follicles. This process ensures your hair receives an abundance of nutrients and oxygen, fostering strong growth and resilience against the weakening impact of DHT.
  • Fenugreek Herb: This plant is like a wise old friend from far-off lands, known for making hair lush and thick. It helps keep DHT from sticking too much and boosts blood flow to your hair roots, giving your hair a fighting chance against falling out.
  • Hibiscus Extract: Tackles DHT's impact on hair by nourishing & strengthening hair from the roots, preventing hair loss, and ensuring the scalp remains healthy.

All these ingredients work together in our products, like a dream team for your hair, aiming to keep it as thick and healthy as possible!

How to use ?

Before washing, apply to dry hair. Part your hair down the middle with a fine-toothed comb and use the dropper to apply the treatment directly to your scalp. Continue to part and apply until the entire scalp is covered. Gently massage your scalp for 3-5 minutes. Let the treatment sit for a few hours or overnight, then shampoo your hair twice. For optimal results, use once or twice a week for at least three months. Our products are highly concentrated and pure, so finding the perfect amount for your hair may require a bit of experimentation. If you notice any oiliness after shampooing twice, it means too much product was used. Begin with a small quantity and adjust as needed. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Apply it regardless of hair cleanliness as a pre-wash treatment directly to your scalp before showering.

Use it once or twice weekly, ideally before your regular hair wash routine. To maintain scalp health, limit hair washing to twice a week to avoid stripping natural oils and overdrying the scalp.

Double cleanse with a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly remove the product. If greasiness persists, continue washing until it's completely removed. Excessive greasiness after two shampoos may indicate overuse of the product; try using half the amount for easier removal and adjust as needed.

For products containing essential oils, it's wise to consult your healthcare provider before use if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

Yes, our product is vegan-friendly.

While not specifically designed for color-treated hair, many customers with dyed hair have used our product successfully.

While not classified as medicinal, many users have reported hair growth and positive effects on hair loss conditions. It's designed to nourish the scalp for better hair growth but hasn't been medically tested for these specific conditions.

Our Rosemary Scalp Treatment is recommended for sensitive scalps. If your scalp is prone to issues like psoriasis or acne, use our Problematic Scalp Treatment cautiously. Essential oils in the treatment may not suit highly sensitive scalps; conduct a patch test beforehand.

The former accelerates hair growth, while the latter targets scalp issues like itchiness and dryness, in addition to supporting hair growth.

Yes, they can be combined in your care routine.

Consult a healthcare professional when using alongside Minoxidil to avoid conflicts, especially in the application area.

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Consult a healthcare provider first due to potential increased scalp sensitivity from laser treatments.


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